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Some key tenets of our partnership model

Stronger together

Together, we can deliver superior customer engagement, accelerated launch of newer products and services, enhanced business agility, and competitive differentiation.


Provide trusted partnership, unique technical extensibility, a secure foundation, and the broadest business model for partners to differentiate and support customers


The resources, programs, and tools that we offer will help you move up the value chain and gain market share.


We help our partners identify future revenue shifts and growth opportunities

Why partner with us?

Our partner network is a premier program that helps you succeed and co-create with MarketsandMarkets™. We enable partners to create new revenue resources, monetize workstreams, accelerate customer acquisition, create real-world impact and drive new growth. As an MarketsandMarketsTM partner, you'll have access to resources, programs, tools, and connections. Discover a community designed to help you grow in

Expedited Support

Demonstrate your proficiency with access to demos along with technical assistance

Training & Competencies

Access to certifications & competency roadmaps to help your clients overcome unprecedented challenges and unlock bold strategies to impact revenues

Go To Market

Find resources to accelerate your time-to-market, generate demand, and grow your business

Valuable Rewards

A wide range of incentives (re-sell,co-marketing fund, rebates, etc) are available for driving demand and revenue for MarketsandMarkets™ solutions


Enable multiple up-sell and cross-sell opportunities with
scale and custom projects

Learn about our values in the MarketsandMarkets™ Partner Code of Conduct

MarketsandMarkets™ runs on trust, integrity, honesty, and compliance- the foundation of how we and our partners successfully serve our customers.

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Our Team

Krishnan Chatterjee

Chief Operating Officer

Shilpi Arora

Vice President, Partner Program


Some of MarketsandMarkets™' efforts to disrupt the various markets with its extensive bank of researches, reports and a one of a kind market intelligence platform have been recognised by industry leaders like:

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